Hannay Aviation Hose Reels

For decades Hannay Reels has been the top choice of hose reels and cable reels for the Aviation industry because of the quality of their construction and components. Every Hannay hose or cable reel is individually designed and built to meet the specific requirements of the Aviation industry so you can expect unrivaled fit and function.

A top priority of Hannay Reels has been engineering safe and practical refueling reels since 1933. Hannay Reels guarantees fast, efficient fuel transfer and increase operational productivity and safety by keeping hoses protected and out of the way.

The high quality of their standard steel construction is just the beginning. Hannay Reels offers any size configuration to fit a defined space, and they construct many models of reels of aluminum or stainless steel. Specifically, they use 5000 and 6000 Series aluminum and 304 stainless steel in the manufacturing of frames, discs, drums, and internals as well as other structural components. This type of quality construction eliminates the need for constant maintenance repainting and part replacement due to rust or corrosion.

Aviation Hose Reels

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Hannay Areospace/Aviation Reel Uses:
  • Refueling (Jet/AV Gas)
  • Washdown and potable water
  • Hydrant and mobile refueling
  • Aircraft servicing and maintenance
  • Sensing and grounding
  • Firefighting and rescue
  • Aircraft de-icing
  • Pressurized air/nitrogen
  • Video inspection
  • DEF for service vehicles
  • Hannay Reels Exclusive Features Include:
  • Universal usage – Our reels fit worldwide specs
  • Optional stainless steel construction – Materials will not rust, rot, or corrode
  • Safety – Rugged, dependable construction; keep hoses and cable out of harm’s way and within easy reach

  • Call us TODAY at 727-835-0674 or Toll Free at 800-761-4298. Contact our experienced sales staff who will gladly assist you with your Aviation Hose and Cable Reel needs.

    Featured Hannay Aviation Hose Reels

    Series V-5000

    V-5000 Series Hose Reels
    I.D: 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2", or 3"
    Length: Up to 100 ft
    PSI: Up to 600

    V-1½" Name

    V-1½" Series Name
    I.D: 1-1/4" or 1-1/2"
    Length: Up to 200 ft
    PSI: Up to 600

    Series V-N800

    V-N800 Series Hose Reels
    I.D: 1"
    Length: Up to 50 ft
    PSI: Up to 1,000

    Series V-6000

    V-6000 Series Hose Reels
    I.D: 1"
    Length: Up to 300 ft
    PSI: Up to 1,000

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