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Hannay EF2500 Series Hose Reel

Hannay EF2500 Series Electric Rewind Reels to handle twin hydraulic 1/4" I.D. hose. For Power Rescue Tools.

Applications: Rescue, Fire

• Chain and sprocket drive powered by an electric motor.
• 90° swivel joints with 1/4" female NPT threads.
• Rescue tool manufacturer must be specified to determine threads and packing material required.
• Pressures to 10,500 psi (724 bar).
• Temperatures from -20°F to +225° F (-29° C to + 107° C).

*Reel does not include hose. Please call mdi for available hose options.

1. Specifications subject to change.
2. Electric rewind models available in either 12v or 24v DC.
3. Reels supplied with switch and solenoid.
4. Swivel joints required for Hurst Systems add 3/4" to the F dimension.
5. Model EF2516-17-18 is the preferred model for all 100 ft. hose assemblies. The narrower model EF2514-17-18 will only hold 100 ft. of Hurst (5,000 psi) twin hose and only when perfectly wrapped.
6. Be sure to check dimensions and weights prior to ordering.
Note: A flexible connector must be used between the inlet pipe and the inlet swivel joint.

Electric Rewind

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Model I.D. Size (in.) Hose Length (ft.) Weight (lbs)
EF2514-17-18 1/4 100 57
EF2516-17-18 1/4 100 59

Dimensions for EF2500 Series
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Model A B C D E F G H X Y
EF2514-17-18 9.5 6 6 14.5 22.5 10 18.12 9.88 4 10
EF2516-17-18 11.5 6 6 14.5 22.5 12 18.12 9.88 6 10

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