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Hannay C16-10-11 Series Cable Reel

Hannay C16-10-11 Series Portable Storage Reels
No live connections.

Applications: Broadcast Cable, Extension Cord, Rope, Industrial, Construction, Utilities, Mining, Agriculture, Transportation, Land Drilling, Offshore Drilling, Marine

• Small, lightweight, durable.
• Adjustable cam-lock drag brake.
• Optional storage drum extension.
• Equipped with one durable rubber twist tie for cable ends. “DE” models equipped with two ties.

*Reel does not include cable. Please call mdi for available cable options.

1. Specifications subject to change.
2. No live connections.
3. Be sure to check dimensions and weights prior to ordering.

Manual/Hand Crank

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Model O.D. Size (in.) Length (ft.) Weight (lbs)
C16-10-11 0.25 600 10
C16-10-11 0.38 225 10
C16-10-11 0.41 200 10
C16-10-11 0.45 150 10
C16-10-11 0.50 125 10

Dimensions for C16-10-11 Series
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Model A B C D E F G H
C16-10-11 11.5 7.5 4 11.88 10.75 12.25 14.75 6.88

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