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*Reel does not include hose. Please call mdi for available hose options.

Hannay AG900 Series Hose Reel

Hannay AG900 Series Spring Rewind Reels to handle 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" I.D. hose.

Applications: Air, Water, Washdown, and General Industrial Applications

• Roll-formed channel frame for heavy-duty applications.
• Non-sparking ratchet assembly.
• Declutching arbor to prevent damage from reverse winding.
• Standard inlet: 90° swivel joint, 1-1/2" female NPT threads and 2" victaulic groove.
• Standard outlet: 1-1/2" female NPT threads.
• Pressures to 600 psi (41 bar).
• Temperatures from -60° F to +175° F (-51° C to +79° C).
• Consult your mdi rep. for other pressures and temperatures.
• 4-way roller assembly.
• Constant tension is available consult your mdi rep.
• Speed is regulated by restricting air flow through air governor attached to rewind mechanism, resulting in smooth, controlled rewind speed.
• Design is highly scalable air speed control governor can be scaled up to regulate speed on even the most powerful spring reels we offer.
• Operates in all climates because AG series uses air flow, not hydraulic fluid, to control speed, reel's rewind speed is unaffected by cold weather.
• Fully adjustable end user can turn air restrictor clockwise or counterclockwise until optimal rewind speed is found.

1. Specifications subject to change.
2. Reel models and capacities shown are for standard drag applications; for vertical lift applications, consult mdi.
3. Other sizes, from standard components, available on request.
4. Be sure to check dimensions and weights prior to ordering.
Note: A hose stop is necessary to keep spring from unwinding. A flexible connector must be used between the inlet pipe and the inlet swivel joint.

Spring Rewind

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Model I.D. Size (in.) Hose Length (ft.) Weight (lbs)
AG920-25-26A 1-1/4 50 152
AG920-25-26A 1-1/2 40 152
AG922-30-31A 1-1/4 75 181
AG922-30-31A 1-1/2 50 181

Dimensions for AG900 Series
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Model A B C D E F G H X Y
AG920-25-26A 14.25 8 10.5 25 27 24 25.88 13.5 9.5 21.75
AG922-30-31A 16.25 10 10.5 28.5 30.5 26 31.38 17 11.5 25.25

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