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Series F2000

Hannay Reels for Power Rescue Tools

For handling dual hydraulic 1/4" I.D. hose

Series F2000 Reels from Hannay


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Model Capacity of Reel Approximate Weight Approximate Ship Weight
Hose/Cable Size ft m lb kg lb kg
F2016-17-18 1/4 ID 100 30.5 32 14.5 80 36
F2020-17-18 1/4 ID 200 61.0 34 15.4 98 45

  • Specifications subject to change.
  • Upon request, reels can be supplied with drum lengths other than shown and with disc sizes in other diameters.
  • Weights shown in chart are for crank rewind models. Add 18 lbs. for power rewind.
  • When ordering power rewind models, prefix model number with: A = Air Rewind, E = Electric Rewind.
  • Air rewind reels are supplied with control valve and 18" hose; 12v and 24v DC rewind reels are supplied with switch and solenoid.
  • Add 2-1/2" to "E" dim. and 1/2" to "G" dim. with Assy. "C" roller installed in top wind (TR) position.
  • Be sure to check dimensions and weights prior to ordering.

When ordering power rewind models, insert the following prefix in front of base model:

A = Air Rewind
E = Electric Rewind w/ Switch & Solenoid


  • Choose manual disc rewind or chain and sprocket drive powered by electric or compressed air motor.
  • Adjustable cam-lock brake on disc rewind models.
  • 90° swivel joints with 1/4" female NPT threads.
  • Rescue tool manufacturer must be specified to determine threads and packing material required.
  • Rollers and roller mounting brackets are accessory items; specify roller position.
  • Pressures to 10500 psi (724 bar).
  • Temperatures from -20° F to +225° F (-29° C to +107° C).
  • Standard finish is oven-cured enamel; polished stainless steel discs and sprocket with chrome frame are recommended for phosphate ester oil.


  • Power Rescue Tools


Dimensions for Series F2000 Reels by Hannay

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Model Reel Dimensions
A B C D E1 E2 F1 F2 G H X Y
F2016-17-18 13 8 6 14.5 16.5 19 17.5 20.5 18.12 9.88 11.5 10
F2020-17-18 17 12 6 14.5 16.5 19 21.5 24.5 18.12 9.88 15.5 10

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