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Made In the U.S.A.
Made In U.S.A.

Hannay AVCQ20-14-16 Series

Hannay Removable Spool Portable Cable Reels

AVCQ20-14-16 Series Reels from Hannay are portable cable reels with removable spools for small vehicles and storage areas (coaxial, fiber optic, video, and audio).

Series AVCQ20-14-16 Reels from Hannay
Hannay AVCQ20-14-16 Series Reel


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Model Capacity of Reel Approximate Weight Approximate Ship Weight
UPS / FedEx
Approximate Ship Weight
Hose/Cable Size ft m lb kg lb kg lb kg
AVCQ 20-14-16 0.38 OD 700 213 18 8 58 26 45 20
AVCQ 20-14-16 0.41 OD 525 160 18 8 58 26 45 20
AVCQ 20-14-16 0.45 OD 400 122 18 8 58 26 45 20
AVCQ 20-14-16 0.50 OD 400 122 18 8 58 26 45 20
AVCQ 20-14-16 0.58 OD 250 76 18 8 58 26 45 20
AVCQ 20-14-16 0.67 OD 175 53 18 8 58 26 45 20

  • Specifications subject to change.
  • Extra spools can be stored on vertical or horizontal spindles of your own design. When needed, transfer spool to frame for transport to work site.
  • Sturdy steel construction with direct crank rewind provides fast, easy pick-up. Perfect for applications with long cable runs or large diameter cable.
  • Adjustable friction brake is standard. Non-reflective, black matte finish.
  • Be sure to check dimensions and weights prior to ordering.


  • Use multiple spools on one frame.
  • Quick release spool removal.
  • Self-storing removable rewind crank.
  • Adjustable friction brake.


  • AV Cable


Dimensions for Series AVCQ20-14-16 Reels from Hannay

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Model Reel Dimensions (in.)
AVCQ 20-14-16 15 12 6 15.5 14 16.75 19 8.62

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