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Made In the U.S.A.
Made In U.S.A.

Hannay Hose Reels and Cable Reels by Industry

Firefighting Reels from Hannay

Hannay Fire Rescue Reels

When it comes to fighting fires, safety and quick response time are critical. Hannay Reels make deployment and pickup times faster so you and your crew can work more effectively and efficiently when every second counts. That’s why Hannay Reels is the #1 reel company specified by firefighters worldwide, based on reel reliability, ease of use, and long life.

If your fire/rescue squad demands fire rescue equipment that can deliver top performance under extreme conditions day after day, then Hannay Reels fire hose and cable reels is the product for you. They design and construct fire hose and cable reels that outperform every other brand. You can trust Hannay Reels to keep your crew and your community safe!

Aviation Reels from Hannay

Hannay Aerospace Reels

For decades Hannay Reels has been the top choice of hose and cable reels for the Aerospace industry for because of the quality of their construction and components. Every Hannay hose or cable reel is individually designed and built to meet the specific requirements of the Aerospace industry so you can expect unrivaled fit and function.

A top priority of Hannay Reels has been engineering safe and practical refueling reels since 1933. Hannay Reels guarantees fast, efficient fuel transfer and increase operational productivity and safety by keeping hoses protected and out of the way.

Industrial Reels from Hannay

Hannay Industrial Reels

Industrial hose and cable reels need to stand up to the demands of the industries that use them. Hannay Reels engineers every one of their industrial hose and cable reels to every customer’s specifications with the highest quality materials. Hannay uses 5000 and 6000 Series aluminum and 304 stainless steel in the manufacturing of frames, discs, drums, as and internals well as other structural components in their industrial hose and cable reels to deliver a superior “buy it once” reel.

Hannay Reels offers thousands of industrial hose and cable reels to address the requirements of multiple industries, while improving efficiency, productivity, and safety in daily operations. Hannay’s hose and cable reels are suitable for air, fuel, oil and other fluids.

Welding Reels from Hannay

Hannay Welding Reels

Offering the widest variety of arc and gas welding reels, Hannay Reels has been the industry standard for decades. Their reels are designed and built specifically for the welding industry with the quality and durability Hannay is known for.

You can count on Hannay Reels when it comes to safety and efficiency. Used worldwide, their custom built welding reels help your operation run smoothly and reduce workplace accidents. Each welding reel Hannay manufactures is made custom to your specifications in the USA at their 200,000-square-foot manufacturing campus in Westerlo, New York. Hannay uses heavy-gauge steel to deliver a superior “buy it once” welding reel.

Maritime Reels from Hannay

Hannay Marine Reels

Equipment used in marine industries can be exposed to harsh environments and needs to stand up to the elements without requiring constant maintenance or the replacement of parts. Hannay Reels is the one brand, and one source, for all of your marine reel needs.

Whether on deck or on dock, their durable, compact, portable reels are ideal for increasing productivity and eliminating hazards for drydock, workboats, shipyards, and drill rigs. Hannay quality reels provide longer service life in demanding conditions than the average hose reel or cable reel. Available with marine grade finish or 304 stainless steel construction to resist deterioration from harsh salt water, you can rely on Hannay to provide a reel that fits your exact specifications and offers years of unsurpassed performance for all your marine applications.

Hannay's floater reels efficiently handle floater hose from either ship to shore or from the shore to a ship. These ruggedly constructed marine reels will handle all off-shore or shallow harbor applications with unmatched dependability time after time.

Petroleum Delivery Reels from Hannay

Hannay Fuel Delivery Reels

Only one fuel delivery reel sets the standard in the fuel and propane delivery industry and that’s Hannay Reels! The fuel and trucking industries have trusted Hannay Reels to distribute gas, water, air, and Nitrogen since 1933. Every vehicle manufacturer’s fuel truck design is different and a Hannay fuel hose reel is built to individual vehicle specifications. Often outlasting the vehicles they’re on, their reels provide safer operation with non-sparking ratchet assemblies, explosion-proof motors, and suspended IV reels that allow access on either side of the vehicle.

Hannay offers handcrafted, custom built reels that are made to last long, require minimal maintenance, and provide a lifetime of value. Their fuel reels are truly a “buy it once” reel. Created specifically for fuel delivery applications, their reels are available in aluminum, stainless steel, e-coated, and painted steel for superior protection against contamination and corrosion in sensitive or caustic environments.

They have specially engineered and manufactured reels for handling DEF dispensing pump applications. Hannay offers complete reel and hose packages that use industry-leading Flextral Tru-Blue DEF hose, in sizes ranging from 1/2" up to 2" constructed with a 304 SST fluid path and "full-flow" swivel joint with EPDM seals.

Agriculture Reels from Hannay

Hannay Farming Reels

Farmers experience tough conditions that require even tougher equipment, and that’s why they turn to Hannay Reels for a rugged reel that can handle the job day after day. Whether you are operating a dairy farm, a livestock farm, or growing crops, their well-constructed reels with heavy-gauge steel and exclusive features like sealed ball bearings and ribbed discs will keep your farm running efficiently and productively.

When you require safe, sanitary conditions for your farm, you can’t find a better reel than a Hannay Reel. With reels for every kind of fluid imaginable and designed for handling heavy duty power and arc welding cable, Hannay has a reel for nearly every job on the farm.

Communications Reels from Hannay

Hannay Audio/Video Reels

For broadcasting professionals, Hannay Reels is the leader in providing the most dependable equipment for organizing audio/video cables. Whether you’re orchestrating a live concert or monitoring a coal-mining operation, they can hand-craft a cable reel to your desired needs and specifications. Offering both portable and stationary electric cable reels for studio and mobile units for communication industries such as broadcast media, theater, mining, emergency/rescue, and the military, Hannay can guarantee the perfect fit and function. Their audio/video cable reels are built strong to last long, require minimal maintenance, and provide a lifetime of value.

Their portable reels allow for easy setup and tear down with an ergonomic handle design and their storage reels are stackable for easy transport. All Hannay AV and AVX reels feature all-steel construction, require minimal maintenance, and meet international standards.

Sewer and Waste Reels from Hannay

Hannay Waste Water Reels

Built tough. Built for your industry.

Hannay Reels understand the tough conditions you face every day and build hose reels that can stand up to the harsh, caustic environments associated with the waste water industry. They have engineered more custom hose reel solutions than any other manufacturer for multiple pumper/cleaner applications. To make your job easier, they have responded to the waste water industry’s challenges with unique, innovative solutions. Their swivel base hose reel was engineered exclusively for sewer cleaning.

So your crew can spend more time on their jobs and less time building equipment, Hannay Reels can provide you with high-quality, low-maintenance reels built to your unique specifications in about a week. Because at Hannay, they don’t build their reels, they build yours.

Construction Reels from Hannay

Hannay Construction Reels

When working in the construction industry, crews demand heavy-duty equipment and Hannay Reels responds every time. Their retractable hose reels are built with high-quality materials, such as heavy-gauge steel, with exclusive features like their ribbed discs and one-piece hub assembly. Their reels feature bolted-on components and conveniently located swivel joints for fast, trouble-free maintenance.

To ensure the ultimate in performance and proving you can’t buy a better reel than a Hannay Reel, every one of their reels is custom built to your specifications in the USA at their 200,000-square-foot manufacturing campus in Westerlo, New York. You demand quality and value in your equipment and Hannay delivers.

Grounds Maintenance Reels from Hannay

Hannay Grounds Maintenance Reels

Hannay Reels understands the challenges that grounds maintenance crews face daily. To help you tackle multiple responsibilities of grounds maintenance, like pest control, lawn service, and landscape design, they offer hard-working equipment to help you meet those tasks. Their reels are designed and built with heavy duty internals to handle pesticides and corrosive chemicals and weather the elements with ease.

For grounds maintenance, your equipment needs to be as portable and durable as you are. Since Hannay’s ground maintenance hose reels are available on wheels or as truck-mounted and trailer-mounted models, they can go anywhere that you need them.

Mining Reels from Hannay

Hannay Mining Reels

Hannay Reels are the international standard for high-quality, built to last mining hose reels and cable reels because of their superior durability and dependability. They are the perfect product for underground, underwater, and above ground mining applications to keep your crew running 24/7. Hannay’s portable and stationary mining hose and cable reels offer spring, manual, and power rewind options for any application - from refueling to communications.

Each reel is custom designed and hand-crafted to your specific requirements with exclusive features like ribbed discs and dual bearing and dual frame support. Heavy-gauge steel is used to fabricate the frames, discs, and drums. Malleable iron and steel are used in the construction of the hose reel hub assembly, outlet riser, and swivel joints. Additionally, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, and other alloys, and special swivel joint packing, can be supplied to meet special requirements. No one makes a better mining hose reel or cable reel than Hannay!

Transportation Reels from Hannay

Hannay Transportation Reels

The transportation industry relies on dependable, low-maintenance equipment to keep their equipment and vehicles moving. Hannay Reels meets the challenge by suppling the highest quality of transportation hose reels and cable reels to fleet operators and railroad shops and yards world-wide.

Hannay offers several flexible installation options: truck-mounted, trailer-mounted, garage-mounted, on wheels, or carried by hand. The heavy-duty design and fabrication of their hose reels and cable reels ensure that they outperform and outlast the competition, while increasing productivity and helping to ensure a safer workplace. Each transportation hose reel is hand-crafted to your specifications in the USA at their 200,000-square-foot manufacturing campus in Westerlo, New York.

Utilities Reels from Hannay

Hannay Utilities Reels

When working in the utilities industry, crews demand heavy-duty equipment and Hannay Reels responds every time. Millions of people count on the workers in the utilities industry to maintain essential services and they need durable, safe, dependable equipment to get the job done in any kind of weather condition. To help meet the challenges of this demanding industry, Hannay Reels offers hose reels and cable reels with features like: easy cable pay-out, quick and convenient rewind, bolt-down design, and serviceable pawl and pin assembly.

Every vehicle manufacturer’s utility truck design is different and every Hannay utilities hose reel and cable reel is built to individual vehicle specifications. Often outlasting the vehicles they’re on, each retractable utility hose reel is built with high-quality materials, such as heavy-gauge steel, with exclusive features like their ribbed discs and one-piece hub assembly.