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mdi is a proud distributor of Hannay Reels
mdi is a proud distributor of Hannay Reels.

Hannay Reels

Industrial Reels from Hannay

Hannay Industrial Reels

Strong and dependable, Hannay industrial hose and cable reels improve manufacturing efficiency, productivity, and safety.

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Welding Reels from Hannay

Hannay Welding Reels

Whether you need a twin hose gas welding reel or an arc welding cable reel, Hannay’s got you covered.

Agriculture Reels from Hannay

Hannay Agriculture Reels

Hannay supplies hose reels designed for moving liquid product, gas and arc welding reels, and power cable reels well-suited to support the Agriculture industry.

Aviation Reels from Hannay

Hannay Aviation Reels

Hose reels for fuel and cable reels for grounding improve efficiency and safety in aviation refueling operations.

Communications Reels from Hannay

Hannay Communications Reels

Setting up and tearing down your A/V equipment is faster, cleaner, and easier with Hannay cable reels. Save time and money!

Construction Reels from Hannay

Hannay Construction Reels

When job site safety and cleanliness are your highest priorities, rely on Hannay hose and cable reels to keep your equipment organized.

Firefighting Reels from Hannay

Hannay Firefighting Reels

Firefighting and rescue operations require the best tools for saving lives. Hannay offers only the best hose and cable reels for the fastest and most demanding applications.

Petroleum Delivery Reels from Hannay

Hannay Petroleum Delivery Reels

Hose reels for Petroleum improve efficiency and safety in home fuel delivery and refueling operations.

Grounds Maintenance Reels from Hannay

Hannay Grounds Maintenance Reels

On wheels, portable, or truck-/trailer-mounted, Hannay hose and cable reels get the job done fast.

Maritime Reels from Hannay

Hannay Maritime Reels

Many Hannay Reels come in Stainless Steel for extra corrosion resistance in high-salinity environments.

Mining Reels from Hannay

Hannay Mining Reels

When space is at a premium and safety is your highest priority, depend on Hannay Reels to keep your work environment clean and productive.

Sewer and Waste Reels from Hannay

Hannay Sewer / Waste Reels

With portable and truck-mounted options, Hannay is your reel supplier for the Sewer and Waste Management industries.

Transportation Reels from Hannay

Hannay Transportation Reels

From fuel and welding hose to power and welding cable, Hannay has a reel for every Transportation industry need.

Utilities Reels from Hannay

Hannay Utilities Reels

Hannay designed these Grounding Reels with utility worker safety as the highest priority.